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 Shakira - Live in Miami DVD 2007

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Mais notícias da Birmânia, pela mão de Heidi e Raul:


Dear family and friends,


We hope this letter finds you well, happy and peaceful.


 After finishing some activities of the 1st phase of the donation Project, we would like to send you a report on what happened this last November.


As you may know, since the first time we visited the Nargis cyclone affected villages in the Ayeyarwaddy division together with the abbot of Chanmyay Myaing Monastery last September, we saw that so many people do not even have enough to fulfill their basic needs such as food and clean water. We thought "How can we help?" and we started sending emails to family members and friends around the world explaining the situation. This is how this donation project started.


"When many loving hearts join together, so much goodness can be done."


With the generous support of many family members and friends from Macau, Hong Kong, Mexico and South Africa, at the moment we have collected a total of  24,352 USD or 172,634 HKD, which have been exchanged to 30,195,861 Kyat in Myanmar currency. The amount of donation is still going up as more friends from Macau, Ireland, Thailand, Spain, Mexico and Korea have send us mails telling that they would like to join the project. We are happily surprised  by the response and the power of love and generosity.


All this make us reflect on how only one thought or an email with good intentions can be the spark for the collective fire of goodness to start, a spark that could have not happened because of a brief moment of disbelief or apathy and the danger of this 2 qualities becomes apparent. With this we learn that if our intentions are good and confidently know that if the action is pointing towards helping others, we shall never stop. To believe and put our faith and effort for the benefit of many.



In the beginning of November Heidi's mother, Gina, Auntie Stella and a friend, Auntie Wai Chu, send the donation collected from Macau and Hong Kong and personally came to Myanmar to join the distribution.


At the end of this message we would like to report to you on how your donation has been used in a condensed list of the projects accomplished, but because Photos speak much more than words we are also attaching a word file with many images and detailed descriptions and information.


Through the photos we hope that you can feel the happiness of the people receiving your generosity and the countless blessings they have been sending you, countless as all the whole hearted moments we have lived while doing this, from a pure child smile to a choir of nuns chanting in thankfulness spreading loving-kindness and merits to all



While we are here in Myanmar we will be continuing to transport your love and generosity to people in need so if you or your friends want to continue supporting the projects please don't hesitate and write us.



Myanmar Donation Projects Phase I


Project 1    

Food donation to 4 villages in the Nargis Cyclone affected area(It benefited to 1500 people of 350 households in the Ayeyarwaddy division)


Project 2   

480 feet deep Tube Well construction

(This tube well now serves a total of 5 villages providing 416

families, 1,770 people with clean drinking water)


Project 3    

Offering Rice, Oil, ceramic water filter and a talk about hygiene


(Talk on health offered by the NGO Thirst-Aid to 69 nuns from

nunneries in MingaladonTownship)


Project 4    

Donation to the Happy Haven Humanitarian Project(We visited their orphanage for HIV children with 24 children, we

offered some cash for the new dormitory building, coloring sets, toys, chocolate drinks, biscuits, ceramic water filter and each of them a set of pajamas order made in a workshop of HIV adults)


Project 5

Donation for the expansion of the Aye Metta Ayu Dana

Clinic to build 2 new rooms


Project 6 

One day Meditation Course for 70 children with HIV

(Besides course and meal expenses, we also donated stationary sets - notebooks, coloring set, hand bag), school uniform made by the HIV adult workshop candies and chocolates)


Project 7  

Printing coloring books and offering of stationery and notebooks

(We printed 2030 copies of coloring books of the life of Buddha. At the moment parts of the coloring books have been offered to small nuns, novices, children with HIV, students in the deaf and dumb school, and local primary children)


We also visited a novice school under the Chanmyay Myaing Monastery in Hmobi for the robe offering ceremony (Kathina), we offered stationery sets, rice, cooking oil and water filters.



Future Plans:

1. Repairing of local village house in MingaladonTownship


2. Rebuild a primary school destroyed by the cyclone in Bogale

Township (Delta area)


3. Construction of 8 more deep tube wells which around 32 villages in the delta area will get clean drinking water.


4. Support volunteer doctors to visit remote villages to treat

patients and buy medicine in the delta area where there are no



5. Donation for 3 children meditation courses, around 100 children will participate in each course.


6. Donation to buy medicine for the Aye Metta Ayu Dana Clinic.


Project under consideration:


1) Rebuild a bridge that was destroyed by the cyclone in the delta area. (The bridge is around 30m long 10m wide, with cement foundation, wooden floor and metal support)


* This project is still under consideration because we would like to investigate more about the actual condition in the area and at the moment we do not have enough funds to do this project.


2) Helping to finish the under construction dormitory of the HHHP orphanage for HIV children.


We would like to give our special thanks to all the people who have been supporting this projects physically, mentally and spiritually.




In Macau: Our Aunt Stella (Cantonese & English) at: (853) 66850858, email: or our Macau-Mama Gina (Portuguese, Cantonese and some English) at: (853) 28718221/ 66621282

In Mexico: Our sister Marcela at (5233) 3350-6764, (5233) 3342-1693, e-mail: ,  or our Mex-Mama Martha at: (5233) 3853-7478, e-mail:

and please check: (web en espanol con imagines )


Dear Family and friends from other places, please contact any of the above person or please contact us by email:,,, to see how we can arrange it.

The person in charge will collect the donations and send the total amount collected altogether so as to minimize bank charges.

Here is our address and phone number:

Chanmyay Myaing Meditation Center Shwe Oo Min St., No.3 Highway, Laydaungkan, Mingaladon TS, (Pale P.O. 11022) Yangon, MYANMAR

Office phone: (95) 1-638350 or

Office mobile: (95)98023507

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Os bebés tigres nasceram durante o furacão Hannah e como a mãe estava em stress, por uma questão de segurança, foram separados dela.

Anjana, a chimpanzé, de 2 anos, ajuda China, a tratadora, a criá-los...


Photos@ Barry Blad/Barcroft Media

Paralela a Ítaca, tem praias maravilhosas e paisagens de encher a alma.

Foi nela que filmaram "Capitão Corelli"

Entre aldeias arrasadas por tremores de terra, cenários do filme, grutas e paias de águas cristalinas passámos um dia inesquecível.

Para mim ainda mais, porque fui brindada com a companhia duma cachorra super brincalhona e porque, num rebanho de cabras, ainda consegui agarrar uma borreginha recém-nascida que andava perdida da mãe, no meio do matagal, e acabei por juntá-las.

Sem esquecer o nosso motorista de táxi, antigo marinheiro mercante, com uns olhos azuis como as águas da praia, que falava espanhol e que nos entreteve a falar das suas viagens a Cuba...


Poupa o teu latim, aliás, os teus latidos...

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